Hello, world, and welcome~!!!

I’m excited about writing my first post on my brand-new blog. I know, I’m weird… although I prefer the more euphemistic word “peculiar”. But yes, I always liked stuff that most people considered “boring”, “ridicule”, “incomprehensible” and, of course “weird”. At five years old, instead of filling my sketch books with normal things like drawings of my house, my family or my pets, I drew tons and tons of images of the Virgin of Guadalupe (yep, I’m a Mexican). During my High School years, instead of going out with my friends, I preferred to visit different libraries to read books about languages, history, and how to draw. In my college days, instead of going to endless parties, I spent my time taking Japanese lessons, German lessons, Psychology lessons, and Theology lessons. My dream was to become a Bible worker and help people find a better life, but unfortunately, this dream has encountered some obstacles that, even though I want to think of it as a “temporary situation”, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to really reach my goal. I’m still trying to fight for this dream, but right now I feel like every time I try to open the door, it becomes heavier and more stuck, which sometimes makes me wonder if the Lord is trying to tell me that I was on the wrong path for my life, and I should look for something else.
Well, that’s exactly why I’m here today, because I just remembered that being a Bible worker wasn’t my only dream. In fact, I’m a hopeless dreamer, and one dream that has stuck with me since I was 15 years old is writing a book (well, back then I wanted to draw ‘manga’, because I was absolutely in love with Japanese graphic novels and animation, but I discovered I don’t have the patience to draw that many panels, Lol). I know, sounds very cliché, but it’s true: I always felt like I have something to say, and I should say it in a book.
Ok, I have a confession to make: A few years ago, I started writing what I thought was going to be a total best seller, but after reading my own work, I noticed it wasn’t complete because it had some missing pieces, which I tried to edit it with what I thought was right. Then, a few years later and after a bunch of unfinished versions, I discovered that writing is not as easy as it looks, and you need to study in order to produce some decent stuff (I know what you are thinking: “Duh!”, but I already told you, I’m a hopeless dreamer). So, finally, I have started to do my homework, and one of the books I read said that blogging is a good way to start my preparation for writing a book, because it will help me to train my mind to stay focus, be creative, and getting used to produce something that people I don’t know is going to read.
So, it is my plan to use this blog to share with you my findings about how to become a true writer (and stop being the wannabe I Am at this moment, hehe), and also my journey in this new path I’m taking, which hopefully is also going to keep me occupied enough to not get depressed while I sort out my Bible worker dream situation.

So, what do you say? Will you come along with me on this journey? I hope your answer is yes, because right now, I think I could use some nice moral support. messenger



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